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Why Siberian Cats are the Best for You? 

Siberian Cats Are Low-Allergen

A key reason for why Siberians have become the preferred cat breed for families is that they can be enjoyed by everyone, including those with allergies towards cats. Siberians have been proven to produce much less Fel d 1 protein than other breeds of cats and are considered by many to be a hypoallergenic breed.

Siberian Cats Make Wonderful Pets

Siberians are an active and playful breed, enjoying games like fetch and learning tricks that stimulate them mentally. They are considered to be the most "dog-like" breed  of cat because of their playfulness and deep bonds they develop with their owners. This bold cat loves to play with water and gets along well with other pets and children - they are the perfect family cat!

Siberian Cats Are a Healthy Breed 

Siberian cats developed over thousands of years in the Siberian forests of Russia as a fully natural breed with minimal human manipulation. Our Neva Masquerades have been bred to not only have stunning looks but live long, healthy lives with their families.  Considered by cat experts to be one of the healthiest breeds, Siberians can live up to – and beyond – 20 years. 

Text or Call us at 703-939-4648 (Polina) or 703-340-5815 (Larisa) to request more info and reserve your kitten!

Retired Queen for Adoption: Our 4-year-old beautiful and sweet queen, Amilia, is available for adoption for $1500. She would thrive best as the only female cat in the household. Please contact us for more info!

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