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Ragdoll Cat

Adoption Process

Step 1:

Check our “Available Kittens for You” page, pick kittens of your choice. Call or send a text message to (703) 939-4648 Polina  or  (703) 340-5815 Larisa to tell us which kitten you want to reserve, we will send an adoption contract to you.



Step 2:

A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve the kitten for you. This deposit will also be applied to the kitten’s price. Their prices are based on if they are show class or pet class (eye color, pattern, symmetricity). Our kittens will stay with their mothers for 10-12 weeks, then they will be ready to go to their new homes. We accept Venmo/Zelle/Paypal/Cash.


They all come vaccinated, and we offer a “health guarantee or money back” for the kittens.


Step 3:

When they’re ready to go home, you can pick the kitten up at our cattery in Triangle, Virginia. If you choose to utilize a pet courier delivery service, you will need to choose your own pet courier. Many pet flight nannies can be found on Facebook searching for "pet flight nanny." It is preferable to use one that is USDA licensed, or someone who has good references/reviews. We will try our best to assist with your pet courier to make sure the kitten arrives safely at your home. 

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