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Neva Masquerade Cat

​Frequently Asked Questions


How long has your cattery been in business?

We registered with TICA in November 2020.


Are you listed on the TICA registry?



What vaccinations will the kitten have?

We are giving deworming and the first 3 scheduled vaccines, FVRCP.


Are the kittens spayed or neutered before you send them to a new home?

No. They are ready to go to their new homes when they are 2 months old. (When their mother stops feeding them milk). In our contract, the buyer is responsible for their neutering surgery, the optimal age would be 4-5 months.


Are the kittens microchipped before going to a new home?

No, you can do it on your own if necessary.


Do you have a policy about kittens being returned in the event of allergies?

No. We are not responsible for this issue because of individual differences, but we offer a health guarantee or money back for each kitten.


Is there support for new owners who have questions about their kitten on things like diet, activity level, temperament, etc?

We give a starter package for free to each buyer, this package includes sampling dry food, wet food, our gifts, kitten toy, and a step-by-step instruction on what to do next with your kitten. You can ask us questions anytime, our owner is an experienced registered nurse who has abundant knowledge of how to take care of kittens.

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